Finalizing Battle Plans

I can always tell when I have been sick. My mind gets cloudy and I lose all track of time. This occurred today as I lay in bed trying to help my body get over all the sickness it has endured this past few days. Somewhere between sleep and conscientiousness, the date November 6, 2000 flashed through my mind. This date had some significance but I could not for the life of me remember what it was. I laid there in a state of restlessness not knowing what that date meant. I had resolved that it probably wasn’t important and was just dozing off to sleep when I sat strait up in bed wide awake. Of course! November 6, 2000 is the deadline for Arizona Diamondbacks seat relocation! It is probably one of the most important dates for the 2001 season. This is the chance when season ticket holders have the opportunity to change their seats for the upcoming season. How could I be so stupid! Sleep had long been forgotten by now. I had to get up and find the forms and review them one last time to make sure that each and every possible seat location had been documented. In this effort, I am very thorough. Last season, I gave the Diamondbacks 18 different alternatives for changing my seats. Unfortunately, none of these choices were available by the time my relocation form was being serviced. This year though, I was pulling out all stops. I quickly dressed to begin the final battle preparations. I was wearing the Diamondbacks jersey that I got for Opening Day 1998. The shorts were from March 9, 1995, the day the Diamondbacks were awarded. On my head was the infamous orange Lucky hat. In my hand was the pen I used to keep score at the game in 1999 where the Diamondbacks clinched the National League Western Division title. I was calling upon all of the mojo that I had to help me have the luck necessary to change seats this season. All I was lacking was a purple and teal rabbits foot from having all of the luck in the universe concentrated in one spot. With that, I went to the table and began to fill out the forms. I scoured over the map of Bank One Ballpark looking at each colored section and envisioning in my mind what the sight lines would look like from there. After several hours of work, I set the pen down to admire my work and proclaim it finished. All that is left to do is deliver the forms and wait for word. This is by far worse than waiting for Trina to deliver a child. I’m not sure I am going to be able to wait. I’ll be a nervous wreck by the time it is over.

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