Finally A Short Week

There are few things that bring a smile to a working man quite like the realization that the work week has been shortened. The normal 5 day work week drags by with everyone going through several stages. First there is Monday where everyone drags themselves back into work after having been off enjoying life on the weekend. No one likes Monday. The main reason for this is it is like standing at the beginning of a long journey that you do not want to start. It is as far away from the weekend as you can get. It is like the stories your father told you about when he went to school, drudging through 10 feet of snow, walking 20 miles to school uphill, each way fighting off grizzly bears with his spiral notebook. That is the essence of Monday. Tuesday is the suburb of Monday. There are still 4 days of work remaining in the work week. It is usually filled with all the stuff that was dumped on to you on Monday but you just couldn’t force yourself to do because you were to busy whining about how much you hated Monday. Wednesday is a mini celebration of a day. It is the halfway point of the work week. You have survived the first half and now must buckle down to get something done before the week is over. Thursday can best be summed up as Friday eve. This is by far the longest work day of the week because you know that tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend. Thursdays always seem to drag on forever. It is like an entire week is compressed into Thursday. On one hand, you are trying to get as much accomplished as you can since you don’t want to start anything new on Friday while on the other hand, you would really like to start winding this week down to get ready for the weekend. Finally there is Friday. Friday has taken on new meaning in the past few years. Not only does it lead up to the weekend, it has now become casual day in most businesses. It would seem even management has decided that there really isn’t much that happens on Fridays, they may as well make it a party day at work where you can lounge around comfortably. This is the typical work week for most americans. So weeks like those leading up to holidays are extremely interesting. You now have 5 days of emotions that you need to condense into 3 days. Monday is now tolerated since you tell yourself it is really Wednesday. Tuesday is really Wednesday since it is the middle of the work week but it is also Thursday since tomorrow is the last day of the week. Wednesday is Friday but to the extreme since you are not just getting two days off, you are getting 4. This is like a concentrated dose of Friday meaning instead of daydreaming about all that you will be doing on the weekend starting at 3 in the afternoon, people begin thinking about weekend plans at noon. I would go so far as to say there are several that lay awake on Friday morning before getting out of bed that are already mentally in the weekend. Given all of this information, I really have no clue what today is. I think I am on a perpetual mental weekend.

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