Finally A Vote With A Winner!

The recent elections have tainted my views of democracy. I agree that the people should be allowed to decide who should win an election. I do not agree that if an election does not go according to the way a candidate feels, they should continue to ask for a recount of votes until the outcome matches what the candidate would like. So today, I am again sitting in front of the television watching the news to see what the latest story is out of Florida. I found it amazing that the results of the vote were not even the top story on the news. I would have thought all business would have stopped until a winner is announced. Finally, the announcer came on screen and began the news story. Indeed, the election is now official. A winner has been identified and this time, the press waited until all votes had been counted before they projected who would be victorious. I of course had my own preferences and I knew who I had voted for. Of course, my vote in this election had no bearing on the outcome. That would be decided by the people currently in Florida. Finally, the newscaster came to the actually reading of the name, I sat there on the edge of my seat waiting. “Dusty Baker” he announced “has bee voted National League manager of the year.” My heart sank as I heard his name. I had hoped that Tony LaRusa would win. I felt he did a much better job this season than what Baker had. Sure Baker coached well, but Tony had to deal with injuries to Mark McGwire and a less than stellar bullpen. Well, the people have spoken. I will abide by their decision. Congratulations Dusty Baker.

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