I’m Thankful For…

Thanksgiving is such an interesting holiday. It is a day where we celebrate a bunch of foreigners not starving to death due to the goodness of natives who were rewarded by the foreigners taking their land and instead forcing them to live on relatively worthless parcels of land scattered throughout the country. Perhaps that is the cynical version of the holiday. I have to admit, it is one of my favorite holidays. I remember as a child having a hard time sleeping the night before Thanksgiving. My brother and I could hardly wait to get up and watch the Macy’s Day Parade. There is something about huge helium filled balloons taking over the streets of New York City that really fascinate a young boy. We would stay glued to the television as we watched first Bullwinkle then Underdog float gracefully down the street held down by 50-60 very cold people holding onto ropes. Part of me was rooting for a gust of wind to come up and launch Underdog while the rest of me hoped that would not happen. As I got older, the holiday took on other meanings. As a teenager, it meant two National Football League games and a full day of eating. Now as I am a little older, it is a time to gather together and give thanks for all that we have been given in our lives. We have a tradition in our house that before blessing the food, we go around the table and express what we are thankful for. This year was no exception as we began with the standards such as being thankful for family, friends, religion, this food and shelter. Then it became my turn. In an emotion filled dissertation, I expressed what I am most thankful for.

I am thankful for Major League Baseball. Sure minor league games are fun but it is nothing compared to watching a major league game. I am thankful for the National League. I can think of nothing worse than having to set through a 4 hour 9 inning game and having to watch a Designated Hitter bat four times. I am thankful for natural turf. There is nothing worse than an artificial surface for playing baseball. I am thankful for air conditioned retractable roof stadiums. Hey, you try to watch a ballgame outdoors when it is 120 degrees! I am thankful for free agency. Without free agents, the Diamondbacks would be forced to try and build a team from their minor league system which would take years to complete. Most of all, I am thankful for my family for joining me in Section 133 Row 16 Seats 13-14. For without them I would be at the game alone.

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