It’s Here! The Spring Training Schedule!

The long dark off-season continues as there is very little going on in baseball that can get a fan excited. Oh sure, the General Managers are meeting in Florida to discuss items of business, but there isn’t much going on even there. A couple of minor trades, the latest round of Manny Ramirez wanting to be paid similarly to the Gross National Product for many third world countries, and of course the latest version of where’s A-Rod. What’s even more frustrating is that teams cannot talk contracts to free agents until midnight tonight. That makes this the longest day of the year for a baseball fan. I had concluded that today would be a hopeless adventure to find any baseball news and soon found how wrong I was. Some time after lunch, I was surfing around the Internet and happened to stop by the Arizona Diamondbacks web site. There I found the schedule for Spring Training 2001 had been posted! I could not believe my eyes. What had started out as a day of frustration was quickly turned around as I began to scour over the dates to determine how many I could attend and where. My calendar at work quickly filled up as I began to map out which days I would be sick and which I would take as vacation. Of course, I had to first see where they would be playing on my birthday. I always attend a game that day. This year, the Diamondbacks play the Rockies in a rare night game in Tucson. I wonder if I will be able to swing that one? Then I spent the rest of the day trying to determine when tickets would go on sale for these games. This turned out to be a pretty good day after all.

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