Let the Bidding Begin!

Baseball’s post season awards show is nearly complete. All that is remaining is each league’s Most Valuable Player awards that are announced today for the American League and tomorrow for the National League. Unlike last year when Matt Williams was in contention, this year there are no Diamondbacks players who will be considered for this award. With that out of the way, all baseball fans throughout the country will begin another national pastime. Speculating on which free agents your local team will be trying to sign to make them more competitive next season. The Diamondbacks have already eluded to the fact that they will not be going after any of the big names since they are losing money hand over fist. So Diamondbacks fans will be relegated to looking to the rest of the National League to determine who helped themselves and who did not. Perhaps through it all, a few trades will occur that will help the Diamondbacks in their quest to return to the play-offs.

It is always fascinating to see the amount of money the owners are willing to pay to a free agent. This season, I anticipate that there will be several players who will command more money individually than some of the teams will have for their entire payroll. That in itself is absurd but then the players are asking for perks and incentives. I was appalled when Kevin Brown signed for $105 million and then asked for a private jet to fly his family back and forth across country. But that was nothing compared to what Alex Rodriguez is asking for. He needs an office at the ballpark so that he can conduct marketing business before the game. He wants a plan of how the team will market itself around him. He is asking for billboards around town to that people can be reminded that he plays there. There is even talk that he is asking for a house and car. This is all on top of looking for a 12 year $240 million contract. The contract will of course have escalators in it so that he will remain one of the top paid players in baseball. It will also have escape clauses so that he can get out of it at any time. As a fan who works for a living, I find it hard to comprehend the demands athletes are making. Can’t they understand that this road of excess will lead to the demise of baseball? And what of the owners? Are they so out of touch that they can’t understand that to continue paying these salaries will only weaken the financial stability of their franchises even further? So for the next three months, we will all watch as baseball players and owners court each other with the hopes of becoming multi-millionaires at the expense of the fans. I’m beginning to feel the cold of winter set in already.

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