No Vember

I am finally felling well enough to sit up. I must say, the world looks much different vertically than it does horizonally. I sit at the computer trying to compose my still foggy thoughts to write another episode of Diary of a Diehard. As I look at the calendar, I suddenly came to the realization that it is now November. It’s hard to believe that the year is nearly over. It seems like on yesterday that it was Opening Day. The first part of November is always the hardest for me. The World Series is over so there is no baseball left to be played at the Major League level. Free agents are unable to negotiate with new clubs so there is little player movement between teams. The teams themselves are burrowed in their offices trying to determine what moves they will make this off-season to make their clubs more competitive. The fans are all working on their endless to-do lists that their wives have waiting for them since baseball season is now over. It is times like this that I think the gregorian calendar which we currently use is outdated. How else can you explain the longest night of the year is in the middle of December rather than the day after baseball season ends. So for now, I have nothing to do but chores while thoughts of baseball rotate through my mind. I can tell right now it is going to be a long 149 days 7 hours and 36 minutes until Opening Day.

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