Off-Season Rumors

Word coming out of the Diamondbacks organization was that they would not be very involved this off-season with free agent signings. The team would like to reduce payroll while maintaining the core of their team intact. That is why the Mark Grace deal makes so little sense. With the Diamondbacks already having an abundance of first basemen on the roster, adding a 36 year old veteran seems questionable.

It appears the Diamondbacks will part ways with Armando Reynoso and Dan Plesac. Each of these players have been vital parts to the pitching staff but with money an issue, look for the Diamondbacks to rely more upon their farm system and late signing free agents to fill these gaps. Arizona is still hopeful that either Nick Bierbrodt or John Patterson can step up and become the fifth starter. Each of these youngsters have had injury problems and it is questionable as to whether either will be able to join the major league team out of spring training.

On trade rumor that keeps popping up is the Tim Salmon deal with Anaheim. It is no secret that Anaheim would like to unload Salmon but so far the two teams have been unable to develop a workable deal. The Diamondbacks do not want to add a lot of payroll to their already shaky financial situation and they are struggling to find ways to cut. Anaheim on the other hand is looking for pitching help, something the Diamondbacks do not have an abundance of themselves.

Ben Ford was recently released by the Chicago Cubs. The Diamondbacks were high on this kid as were the Yankees. Ford had been tagged as the closer of the future for each team. It will be curious to see if the Diamondbacks try to claim him on waivers or sign him to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.

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