The Letter

As a dedicated fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks, I feel it is my duty to keep in touch with the organization whenever possible. For this reason, I try to write to Diamondbacks president Rich Dozer periodically to let him know how things are going out in Section 133. Now I understand that he is a busy man and has many things on his plate such as hiring coaches, overseeing the operations of the team and balancing his schedule. I try not to burden him with to much trivia but I feel it is imperative that he know what the common fan is thinking. My relationship with Mr. Dozer goes back to the inaugural season when Trina chased him down the hallway at Bank One Ballpark to suggest that I throw out the first pitch at the last game of the season. From that point, he has been very gracious to me and my family in making sure we enjoy ourselves at the ballpark. In exchange, I try to lighten up his day by telling him what is going on in the stands and in our lives. Today was one such day when I decided I hadn’t talked with him for a while. So I sat down and began to compose a few thoughts about how the season went as well as a few questions concerning the Diamondbacks. What had been envisioned as a couple of short paragraphs ended up being 2 full pages. In there, I talked about ticket prices (which I happen to agree with the increase and the way it was presented), seat relocation (which I am trying hard to do if for no other reason than to get a different perspective of the game), and ending with a few questions regarding the Arizona Diamondbacks web presence. I never expect to receive a response to these notes as I understand that a company the size of the Diamondbacks have better things to do that to respond to every crack pot fan request. But in each and every case, I have received personalized reply to my questions. It never ceases to amaze me how well the Diamondbacks do at customer service. I am not used to being treated so well in a business dealing. Usually, customer service is a foreign trait that businesses seem to have forgotten. It is this type of service as much as the team that keeps me coming back to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Thanks Rich, you’re the best!

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