The Turkey Trot

Tiffany and Whitney’s elementary school has an interesting tradition for the Thanksgiving holiday. They hold what is called a Turkey Trot the day before the Thanksgiving break. This Turkey Trot is an all morning event where each grade comes out to the playground and runs a course. Parents and families are welcome to attend. Last year, I took off the day before Thanksgiving and attended this event. We had a lot of fun going around the playground and track with Tiffany. This year, Tiffany and Whitney are both involved. We arrived just in time for Tiffany’s class to begin the trot. Although it is not designed as a race, many kids try to run the entire way. Tiffany wanted us to run with her. Since Whitney was due out at any time and we had Dakota, I volunteered to stay behind while Trina ran the 1.5 mile course. She ended about the time that Whitney began. Whitney’s grade had a much shorter route so Dakota and I went with her. When Whitney saw her mom, she of course wanted her to go along with us. Trina ended up going both times. By the end of the second lap, I was afraid I was going to have to get a wheelchair to get Trina back to the car. She had plans to bake pies and get ready for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Instead, it was a long bath and a nap. It is funny, the kids didn’t seem to mind the distance. Maybe it’s true, maybe we are getting old.

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