Veterans Day

As I got up this morning and made my way downstairs, I noticed that the neighbors all had flags hanging from their houses. Curious, I went to the calendar to try and determine what holiday I had missed. Looking down at today’s date, I noticed it was Veterans Day. Wanting to fit in with the neighbors and show my support for Veterans everywhere, I ran to the garage and got out the ladder to hang a flag on my house as well. Within 5 minutes, I had planted my Diamondbacks flag firmly in the flag holder and I was standing in my driveway admiring my work. Soon, I was joined by my neighbor across the street. He came over to see what was going on and noticed my flag. He asked why in the world I was flying a Diamondbacks flag. “Well because it is Veterans Day of course” was my reply. He again looked puzzled and asked me why I was flying a Diamondbacks flag rather than an American flag. Hey, I don’t tell him which team to root for do I? I explained that the entire starting line-up of the Diamondbacks were made up of veterans. Not a single rookie was in the line-up unless you counted Alex Cabrera and he only played a few games towards the end of the season. I further went on to explain that I thought it was admirable that there was a holiday that celebrated an athlete with experience. I had pondered why there wasn’t a Rookie Day but then settled on to paraphrase the response my parents used to give me when I asked why there wasn’t a Children’s day to go with Mothers day and Fathers day, “Every day is Rookie Day.”

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