The first of December is traditionally the beginning of the holiday season in our household. It is at this time that the Thanksgiving decorations are stored away and are replaced with those celebrating the Christmas holiday season. This year, I am feeling less than helpful as I am still quite ill. The children though are adamant about the decorations being put up. So I got up, donned my Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirt, my Atlanta Olympics sweat pants, my Diamondbacks hat and my Goofy slippers and decided to just get it over with. Some of you may be wondering about my attire but I assure you, this is standard issue for sick people in our house. I find that there are only certain outfits that can be worn when you are sick. If you try to dress in regular clothes, you just feel worse and then the clothes become tainted in your mind. Hey, I may be delirious but I still think about things. Ok, maybe I don’t think clearly but that is debatable. Once I had my outfit on, I went to the garage and began to unpack the Christmas decorations. Christmas at our house is quite an ordeal. We have literally dozens of boxes filled with all sort of decoration for the house inside and out. I decided it would be best to focus my efforts on the outside of the house. For that, I began pulling out strings of lights and having the kids test them to verify they were working correctly. I am of course referring to the lights here, not the children. As far as I can tell, the children never work correctly. The remainder of the day was spent climbing up and down the ladder hanging the icicle lights from the eaves of the house. It does seem weird hanging Christmas lights when it is 76 degrees outside and I am passed by people in shorts and tank tops. By the end of the day, all of the lights have been hung on the house with care in hopes that Saint Nicolas would visit us there. I only wish all of the decorations were up. This tends to be a week’s worth of effort.

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