A Kodak Moment

There are a few things that a father never quite gets over. At the top of this list is your daughter dating. It does not matter who she is dating, he is never quite good enough for his little girl. That is the case with Ashley. Tonight is the winter dance at school and she has a date. He is a nice kid and Ashley seems to like him. I on the other hand merely tolerate anyone touching my daughter’s hand and I do not want to know anything else. I trust Ashley implicitly, but I still remember what I was like as a teenage boy. If this kid is anything like I was, I am going to have to kill him. Ashley has spent most of the day getting ready. It never ceases to amaze me how long it takes a girl to get read for an event. Whether it is working on her dress, doing her hair, putting on her make-up, or the other countless items that go along with getting ready. Until I had daughters, I never really appreciated how much work went into getting ready for school or a date. Trina of course had other plans for tonight and had the other kids with her leaving me alone at home to meet the date, help pin on flowers, and take the pre-dance pictures so that we can all remember how uncomfortable we were standing around. So here I am with my camera pressed up to my eye watching some kid standing next to my daughter with his arm around her looking excited to go to a dark dance that has few if any adult supervision and a curfew that has been extended into the early morning. Yeah, this is truly a Kodak moment soon to be followed by a Tylenol eternity.

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