A Tribute to Grandpa

I will eternally be indebted to my Grandpa Olsen. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve times I spend with him. He as a simple man, a man who worked with his hands as a carpenter. I remember watching him work, my eyes filled with wonder as he constructed things with his tools taking a pile of wood and hardware and magically creating order and structure. As I talked with him, I soon realized he was a brilliant thinker. At a time when education was at a premium, he excelled. It quickly became apparent that he needed more of a challenge than what the teacher was able to provide. He was therefore accelerated to another grade and thrived in that environment as well. The one aspect of my grandfather that defined him as a man was his outdoor spirit. From the moment I was old enough to remember, grandma and grandpa would take me camping, fishing, and hunting. His favorite destination was always Yellowstone park. We would make a trip through the park each spring as soon as the snow had melted. He knew more about this area than anyone I have ever met. Although a sportsman, he was also a conservationist making great efforts to ensure that the beauty and majesty was maintained for future generations. Many of life’s greatest lessons came from my interaction with my grandfather. Although he passed away several years ago, I shall never forget him. On this the anniversary of my grandfather’s birth, I wish him well in the life beyond. I look forward to meeting him again in Heaven to reminisce about our times here on this earth and the mysteries of eternity. He was my grandfather but more importantly, he was my friend.

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