Attack of the Laser Pointer

It has been an interesting holiday season. This is Dog Dot Com’s first Christmas and we have been wondering how a puppy would fair with all that will be going on. Now I am not an idiot or at least I try to persuade myself that I am not so I did take precautions with a new dog in the house. The Christmas decorations that matter have all been placed above Dakota and Dottie muzzle reach. When it came to the tree, this meant that we had no ornaments on the bottom 24 inches of the tree. When I finished with the tree, I did notice that it looked very bizarre and something had to be done. I therefore went through the decorations and pulled out items that did not matter if they were chewed up. In many cases, chewing would probably enhance their appearance. This has worked out fairly well. Dottie has disturbed some of these ornaments and even attempted to eat one of the glass balls on the tree. She made that mistake only once though. As Christmas approaches though, she is getting into more and more things. Some of the gifts we found had food items within them. With her keen sense of smell, she found out this information well before we did. This resulted in us losing a couple of gifts to the dog. This was of course frustrating not only to Trina and I but more importantly to the kids. They did not appreciate the fact that Dottie was able to open a present before Christmas while they had to wait. It was especially bad when the gift she opened was not even hers! Something had to be done and since I am the idea man, I had to come up with something. I tried rewarding her for good behavior and that worked for about as long as I was watching, then she went back to checking things out. Next, I tried discipline but with the same results. She was as good as gold while I was watching. The moment I turned my back, she got into trouble. Then I stumbled upon the answer, laser pointer.

For one reason or another, this dog is psychotic when it comes to laser pointers. She will chase that little red dot around the house and will ignore everything else around. It doesn’t matter if there is food, water, treats, an open door, guests to the house. She ignores them all once the little red dot appears. She will chase it all over the house, up the walls, follow it across the ceiling and back down the other side of the room. This worked great as long as there was someone to hold the laser pointer. The problem came when one of us were not around to run the pointer, she would go back to her destructive ways. Then I came up with an enhancement to my idea. I attached the laser pointer to her collar and turned it on. Then she ran the pointer while trying to attack the light. It was great. Wherever she went, there was the red dot. To test my device, I attached it to her collar and left the room. I came back 10 minutes later to check on the dog. What I found was tipped over chairs, tables and lamps and a trail of destruction. I couldn’t figure it out until I watched the dog. She would see the light and chase it in a straight line knocking over everything in her path. Ok, small design flaw. After a brief re-design period, the laser pointer was reintroduced. I attached it to the ceiling fan and now it just goes in circles as does the dog. You know, with the lights off, the house looks kind of like a Disco party. I wonder if I still have that white polyester suit. I’m beginning to feel like dancing.

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