Doctor It Hurts When I Do This

There are few things that a man hates worse than going to the doctor. I am not sure why we behave this way. Perhaps it is a matter of trying to show we are tough, perhaps it is a fear of needles and the possibility of having a shot, or just maybe it is the memory we all have of the first colon examination we had. In my case, I think it is a combination of all of the above. I would rather be drug behind a car for several miles than have to see a doctor. Trina of course takes every opportunity she can to make sure I visit those members of the medical profession. There are times I have to wonder of she is just a sadist that likes to see me suffer but then I remember what I am like when I am sick. It is funny, I can seem rough and tough but the moment I get sick, I turn into some kind of whiny wimp that wants to be waited on hand and foot. I am not alone in this, I have seen other men who get sick and they too demand to be pampered and waited on. It must be something in our genes. Because of our behavior, women have no choice but to send us to the doctor for medication and more importantly to get us out of their hair if only for a few minutes. Given this fact, I find myself sitting in the doctor’s office whimpering as I wait my turn. I will be glad to get home and get back to bed. I wonder if Trina will bring me a milkshake and a new magazine. I figure I only have a couple of days to milk this before she catches on and I am back to fending for myself once again.

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