It is amazing what a guy will do to go and check out the seats at Bank One Ballpark. It has been 75 days since I have been in the ballpark and it will be another 108 days until opening day. Today though offered me an exciting opportunity. The United States Women’s Soccer Team was playing a match at Bank One Ballpark this afternoon against the Japanese National Team. I immediately got a ticket to this match. Don’t get me wrong, I really could care less about women’s soccer. I don’t know any of the players nor do I plan to be much of a fan of the sport in the future. No, I bought a ticket so that I could check out the field and also to see what the sight lines would be from the various sections for next season. The American women played well. I have to admit, it was strange seeing grass where the infield dirt usually is and the idea of goals set on the warning track in left field and in front of the visitor’s dugout. So after my initial confusion, I quickly adjusted and found my seat. It took me a moment since I first walked to section 133 row 16 seat 13 to find a fairly large woman with her girlfriend sitting there. I had to look at my ticket to see where I was supposed to sit. After the first few moments, I began to move around as I sat in several seats checking to see what it would be like to sit there for the upcoming baseball season. At each location, I made notes to the Bank One Ballpark seating chart I had brought with me. By the middle of the second half, I had done all of my homework and then turned my attention to the soccer match. As time ran out, I looked at the scoreboard to see that the score was tied 1-1. From the looks of the couple sitting in my normal baseball seats, the old adage is true, a tie really is like kissing your sister.

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