Hump Day

Wednesday is always an interesting day in the work week. It represents the exact middle of the week. You have usually recovered from Monday and all the trouble that accompanies the beginning of another long week. Tuesday is freshly behind you as you review all the work that you did the day before after barely dragging yourself out of Monday. Thursday is still a day ahead so you can usually push work off from today until tomorrow when you feel more like doing it. Friday of course is a chance to wind down as you begin to make plans for the upcoming weekends. In baseball terms, Wednesday would be the seventh inning stretch. Most of the game is behind you but the most important part still remains. The first six and a half innings seemed to fly by just like the first two and a half days of the work week. The remaining inning and a half seems to take as much time to get through as the first six. There is a lot of strategy involved as you play out your final two at-bats and everyone seems to question the decisions you make in this final two innings more so than the first part of the game. It is the same with Wednesday. Thursday and Friday drag to a halt as you wait for the weekend to arrive. By Wednesday, you can barely remember what you did on Monday let alone the consequences of the decisions made. So it was no surprise that at lunch today I stood up and began singing “Take Me Out to the Ballpark” in celebration of it being Wednesday. Based upon the looks I received from my fellow employees, I am the only one that has made the mental connection of Wednesday to the seventh inning stretch.

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