I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

There is word coming out of Milwaukee today that Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig fell on the ice in his driveway breaking his kneecap. Everyone within baseball is wishing the commissioner a speedy recovery as he was rushed to the hospital for surgery to repair his knee. It is an unfortunate accident that always seems to happen during the icy winters in the midwest, or does it?

This story seems all to coincidental if you ask me. I am beginning to think that we don’t know the whole story nor does baseball want us to. Let’s look beyond the surface of this story and dig a little deeper. First we have A-Rod signing a contract that pays him more than what the Texas Rangers cost some three years ago. Then you have Bud Selig standing up in front of a crowd stating that there are problems in baseball’s financial situation when clubs are in dire straits and cannot possibly compete in the market place. He further states that these spiraling payroll costs will lead to a potential work stoppage after the 2001 baseball season. Soon after that players, agents and owners all begin to spread rumors that baseball as we know it will cease to be after the next collective bargaining agreement is radified. This is all sinister enough but then we should really add Bud Selig’s move to destroy the umpire’s union thereby getting rid of several umpires and requiring the rest to agree to lesser demands. At this point the commissioner is involved in a tragic accident where one of his kneecaps is broken. Coincidence? I think not. Perhaps union boss Donald Fehr spoke to someone in the family, made a few phone calls, had a little pasta, and BAM! the commissioner has an accident. I don’t think we will be hearing any more about possible break-up of the player’s union any time soon.

This whole thing stinks like a horse head in your bed. Then again, maybe I just need to quit watching those Godfather movies during the off-season. “Honey, Where did we put that Smurfs video? You know, the one where Papa Smurf works as a scab for the Keebler elves at Christmas time?”

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