Ringing In the New Year

Remember a year ago when everyone was panicking about they Y2K bug? And do you remember when January 1 came and nothing happened? Remember how we all laughed at how silly everyone was for believing that everything was going to go wrong and we would be left in the dark without food? That was really funny until tonight.

I had great plans to say farewell to 2000 and welcome 2001 and the new millennium. Slowly, each of those plans were shot (another story for another day) and I was left to plan a quiet dinner at home with my family. I thought I would grill some steaks and some shrimp, we would spend the evening watching a movie and ring in the new year. What could possibly go wrong? The Y2K bug, that is what could go wrong. There is no other explanation. I took the steaks out of the refrigerator and took them outside. I started the grill and went back inside to get seasonings for the meat. When I went inside, Dog Dot Com took one a bite out of one of the steaks! How was I supposed to know that dog was not Y2K compliant? When I picked up the Montreal Steak Seasoning, I noticed it was empty! Another case of a seasoning bottle not being Y2K compliant! I took the shrimp outside along with melted butter to marinate the shrimp. After a while outside, the butter hardened back into a solid. I didn’t even think to check if the butter was Y2K compliant! About halfway through cooking the steaks, I ran out of gas for the grill. Man, even the propane tank had a Y2K problem! I had to move all of the food inside to finish cooking. I put the steaks under the broiler without noticing that the oven had something spilled in the bottom. This resulted in some smoke coming from the oven. Yet another Y2K bug! The smoke of course set all of the smoke detectors off in the house uncovering another Y2K problem. I quickly went to the garage to get the ladder only to find it missing. Trina had lent it to the neighbors. Oh great, my ladder is not Y2K compliant! After tracking it down and making my way through the crowd that had gathered in my front house I began to tear off all the smoke detectors and reset them. All that is except the one in the stairwell. I could not reach it with my 8 foot ladder. I cannot believe it, my stairwell is not Y2K compliant! Armed with a broom, I was finally able to reset the smoke detector. After dinner, I began to reinstall the smoke detectors in the house only to find most of them had a nearly dead battery. Darn non-Y2K batteries! By the time I finished putting all the smoke detectors back in place, it was after midnight. Stinking clocks were the only things in the house that were Y2K compliant. I guess now all I have to worry about is that Y10K problem. It’s a good thing I have 8,000 years to plan.

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