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They’re Mine, They’re All Mine!

This day has been a long time in coming. For me, I was eagerly awaiting its arrival. For Trina, it was a day to dread. This is a red letter day and a highlight to the year so far. I am of course talking about the day that Season Ticket final payments are due. Sure, it means I have to shell out my hard earned cash to the Arizona Diamondbacks to pay for the upcoming season. But that is just looking at the pessimistic side of things. I like to...

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Baseball, It Be Jammin’

“Honey, remember when you said you really wanted to go on vacation and how romantic it would be if we traveled to some exotic foreign country? I was thinking, we should really do that, like maybe this week. How would you feel about going to Culiacán, Mexico? I hear it is really beautiful this time of year.” I thought for sure the conversation would go well after such a wonderful opening. Instead, I was met with a look of...

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Praying to the Baseball Gods

I consider myself to be a religious man. Each spring I thank God that Spring Training has finally arrived after a long off-season where I have had to put up with football and basketball. For opening day each year I sacrifice a virgin scorebook as I keep score for each home game. By the all-star break each July I am cursing the umpires knowing full well that many of them are probably indeed direct descendants to Satan himself. By fall I am...

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Super Boredom Sunday

It is interesting to note the differences between baseball and football. These differences are magnified once you reach the post-season. In baseball, there are just 4 play-off positions in each league and a team must show they can maintain an advantage over an opponent in a series of 5 or 7 games. In football, it seems as if there are hundreds of teams that make the play-offs and the post-season seems to go on forever. In baseball, the...

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Being Accepted

I am not usually one to care what people think nor do I ever pay attention to whether they accept me or not. I have tried to instill this sense of character independence in my children as well. But there are times when it becomes necessary to ask for acceptance. Today happened to be such a case for Ashley. She is now a senior in high school with dreams of going to college. She has been a successful high school student having good grades...

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Carpal Origami

For Christmas, my kids bought me a desk calendar to sit on my desk at work. I thought they game me this so that I could keep track of when the Arizona Diamondbacks had a game or how many more days until Opening Day. Instead, none of these dates are highlighted in my calendar. Instead, it is a calendar filled with Origami. I had never fashioned myself as someone interested in the Japanese art of paper folding but since the calendar came with...

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Air Traffic Controller

I remember when I first became a father, I had no idea what I was doing. I felt very inadequate and very nervous. I could barely take care of myself let alone try and care for a defenseless infant. With every major purchase I had ever made, the item came with an instruction manual. This baby did not. How was I supposed to learn how to be a father without severely warping the child I was raising? These were all interesting questions none of...

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Happy New Year!

It’s funny how confused a guy can get when he doesn’t have baseball to keep his mind alert. It seems like New Year’s Day was just 24 days ago and yet here we are celebrating another new year. I have always been a little confused by the notion that the Chinese have a different calendar than we do. I am further confused that their New Year doesn’t seem to ever fall on the same day. It is like there is a Chinese random...

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Skin Me

The fourth week of January can mean only one thing if you live in Phoenix. It is time for the Phoenix Open golf tournament. Although I play golf, I am not a fanatic and I rarely if ever will watch a tournament on television or in person. But I have gone to the Phoenix Open several times since I have moved to the area. It is always an interesting experience. I remember the first time I went, I was actually kicked out. Never having been to see...

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