Carpal Origami

For Christmas, my kids bought me a desk calendar to sit on my desk at work. I thought they game me this so that I could keep track of when the Arizona Diamondbacks had a game or how many more days until Opening Day. Instead, none of these dates are highlighted in my calendar. Instead, it is a calendar filled with Origami. I had never fashioned myself as someone interested in the Japanese art of paper folding but since the calendar came with instructions I decided I would play along. Each day of the year I am given instructions on how to fold the previous day’s calendar entry into some form of animal or object. It didn’t take long before I was way out of my league. It seems that each day builds upon the previous day and before long, these paper folding exercises became very complex and time consuming. Besides which, the instructions given each day read something like a Japanese stereo manual. What started out one day to be a crown soon ended up looking like an in-bred sheep. My first reaction was, “Oh, this is a right-handed calendar.” That is the standard answer ever left-handed person gives when they encounter something confusing or motor-skill taxing. My kids assured me that the calendar was indeed ambidextrous and that I should be able to fold paper with either hand. Now I did not want the calendar to get the best of me so I continued to attempt each day’s entry. Soon though I began to feel discomfort in my wrist. After a couple of weeks, it hurt to fold paper. I was starting to be concerned and decided to do a little research on what might be happening. After visiting a few web sites, I came to the conclusion that I am beginning to develop Carpal Origami. I think maybe I better just leave the calendar alone for a while. I guess it will be January 26, 2001 for a while.

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