Baseball, It Be Jammin’

“Honey, remember when you said you really wanted to go on vacation and how romantic it would be if we traveled to some exotic foreign country? I was thinking, we should really do that, like maybe this week. How would you feel about going to Culiacán, Mexico? I hear it is really beautiful this time of year.”

I thought for sure the conversation would go well after such a wonderful opening. Instead, I was met with a look of skepticism. “Why, what is going on in Culiacán, Mexico this week?” How could she mistrust me after I have offered to take her away from the day-to-day trials and tribulations that frequent our lives? “Well, I was thinking we could go and hang out, maybe check out some Mayan ruins, do some sight-seeing and see some of the local sights.” I said innocently. “What KIND of local sights?” she again questioned. “Um, well, there was one thing that I wouldn’t mind seeing while we are there, the Caribbean World Series.” I added quietly. “I KNEW IT! This is nothing more than a ploy for you to go and see more baseball!” she exclaimed. “I think that is unfair, after all YOU were the one who suggested that we should go on a romantic vacation. And if you think about it, is there anything more romantic than going to a World Series game with the person you love?” I asked sweetly. I thought that last comment would for sure win her over. “Well, I am not going on vacation so that you can see ANOTHER baseball game!” she announced. It was at this point that it probably would have been best if I would have just kept my mouth shut but it seems my brain is not fast enough to catch my mouth before it says something stupid and before I could stop myself, I could hear myself saying, “Well, would you mind if I went without you?” That was about the last thing I can remember. I am still not sure how I ended up on the floor or why the left side of my face is red and sore.

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