Having a Pooh Birthday

It is hard to believe that Whitney is now seven years old. It seems like only yesterday that I was in the delivery room nearly passing out while Trina gave birth to our daughter. At the time, I remember we were excited. Trina could be delivering the first baby in Idaho Falls for the new year. At the last moment, another was born making Whitney the second baby born in 1994. It is interesting. The first baby of the year gets all sorts of gifts and a big deal is made of the birth. The second baby born in the year gets nothing but a bill from the hospital. It just doesn’t seem quite fair.

Regardless of missing out on the accolades of the distinction of being the first baby of the year, Whitney as had an eventful life during her first seven years. So much has happened during her life. Baseball had a strike and the World Series was cancelled. There were replacement players that played during spring training during the strike. Cal Ripken Jr. broke his streak of consecutive games played. Roger Maris’ record was broken not once but twice in the same year with Mark McGwire setting the new record at 70 home runs. The Arizona Diamondbacks were created and went through 3 complete seasons winning the National League Western Division title in 1999 and became the winningest expansion team in the history of baseball. Nolan Ryan was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

It is incredible how much has happened in just a short period of time. I am not sure she comprehends all of these events or the unique opportunity she has had in her lifetime to see history unfold. It is indeed the golden age of baseball and the greatest time ever to be a kid. Happy Birthday Whitney. I hope this day is a grand slam! Just remember sweetheart, you were born on a wonderful day. It is only 91 days until Opening Day! Don’t worry dear, it will be her sooner than you know.

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