Housework Bites!

In most cases, I can usually find something to do about the time that Trina is in need of a helping hand with house work. It is a knack I developed early in our marriage and have honed through the years. No before you get bent out of shape that I don’t do my part around the house, you should know that this arrangement is in the best interest of our household.

First, I am not good at it and no amount of practice is going to make me proficient in the fine art of toilet cleaning. Second, it is more cost effective for Trina to do the house work rather than me. That is not to presume that my time is worth more than hers. Quite the contrary, her time is priceless and is in need much more than mine. What I meant was that if I were to attempt house work, I would end up costing us more than had I left my hands out of it. I use as proof Trina’s favorite sweater that Whitney’s Barbie now proudly wears whenever she goes out or the time I accidentally vacuumed up the kids gold fish. Please keep that last one quiet. They still think that Goldie was set free to find her mother in the ocean. Today though, Trina was in dire need of some help and being the person I am, I offered to help. While she was off to the store, I decided to vacuum the floor. When I took the vacuum out of the closet, I accidentally toppled some boxes that spilled all over the floor. This resulted in another domino effect with the end result being a box of baking soda being spilled on the carpet. Luckily, I already had the vacuum out so I could clean up the mess immediately. I quickly ran the vacuum over the floor and put it back in the closet, no one the wiser and me doing a good deed for the day. When Trina came home, she had in her hand vacuum bags. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time until I heard my name screamed from the other room. Now I am no rocket scientist but I know when I’m in trouble. I walked in to find her with the vacuum torn apart. It seems there was no bag in it when I used it and the inside was now filled with dirt and baking soda. I tried blaming the kids but since they were all with Trina, that didn’t quite work out the way I had planned. I don’t think I will be getting the housework merit badge for my assistance this weekend.

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