Inauguration Day

After a long and drawn out election process, George W. Bush was finally inaugurated as the forty-third president of the United States. With this inauguration, the country experienced something that had never happened in the history of this country. No I am not talking about a president that was elected electoral but did not win the popular vote. I am not even talking about the father/son combination elected to the presidency. Instead, I am talking about this being the first time in history where a former Major League Baseball owner has sat in the White House.

Perhaps now some REAL work will get done in the oval office. They say that a new president is defined by what he accomplishes in the first 100 days of office. Since President Bush is new at this job, he may need a hand in deciding where he should focus his energies. Not being the shy type, I decided to write him a letter to tell him where I thought he should focus in order to get this country back on its feet and striding into the new millennium. The first and most important thing he should do is to provide assistance in eliminating the likelihood of another work stoppage in Major League Baseball. The last thing this country needs is an increase in homelessness. That is exactly what will happen if baseball goes on strike. There will be literally millions of displaced baseball fans with no where to go if there is no baseball season. I believe the national divorce rate will also increase as more men will be forced to stay at home and work around the house. This in turn will most likely increase the crime rate around the country as husbands and wives kill each other from having to spend more time together. The president cannot allow this chaos to occur. Once he has eliminated the chance for a baseball strike, he needs to restore the tradition back to the game. The best way to do this is to eliminate the designated hitter rule. All this talk about overturning Roe versus Wade and abolishing abortion is trivial compared to what the designated hitter has done to the landscape of baseball. President Bush must immediately talk to the leaders of Congress and have them draft a bill that will outlaw the DH. In the Oval Office, President Bush can sign this bill into law with Ron Blomberg there to witness the ceremony. It is only fitting to have the first designated hitter present when the DH is banished from baseball. Finally, President Bush must call upon all of his former colleagues who are still governors of these United States. With their help and the persuasion of Congress, there should be a Constitutional amendment proposed and ratified that will outlaw the use of artificial turf. This can be classified as a health care issue thereby helping President Bush to fulfill a campaign promise to do something for heath care. After all, how many players have had their career cut short due to this abomination? I believe the new president just needs a little guidance and he will be fine. These changes could be implemented quickly and decisively thereby showing the people how quickly things can be implemented when it is important to the welfare of this country.

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