It’s Here! It’s Here!

I have been waiting for 71 days to hear word on Arizona Diamondbacks season ticket relocation. Each day I have followed the mail carrier around the neighborhood to see if there was an envelope for me from the Diamondbacks. I have avoided the phone like it has the plague fearful that every time it rings the Diamondbacks will be on the other end telling me I will be sitting in the same seats for the 2001 season. I have hesitated calling the ticket office for fear that they would say “Oh, Mr. Summers, we have been trying to get a hold of you to tell you we have moved you to the top of the upper deck.” At first I had heard that the relocation process would be finished by the week of Christmas. Then I heard that the Diamondbacks were modifying their ticketing process and it would take until the first week of January. Well, now we are in the second week and I have still not heard anything. I keep thinking though, I should have heard something by now.

As I come home from work, I once again pass the mail carrier who is putting mail in the boxes. But instead of the look of fear, I am greeted with a joyous smile. I must have looked very confused until I was handed an envelope from the Arizona Diamondbacks. I immediately started dancing around singing. The mail carrier’s face immediately resumed looking afraid and quickly left. I nearly ran down the street yelling, “It’s Here! It’s Here!” I could see some of the neighbors coming to the window to see what was going on. Once they saw it was me, the merely shook their heads before resuming their daily chores. When I got to the door, I ran in and gathered everyone around. It is interesting, the kids did not seem to share my enthusiasm. I tried to explain to them that the contents of this envelope would establish where we would be sitting this season. They didn’t seem to care and quickly went back to the Disney Channel. I could barely contain myself. I knew that I must have been relocated since I hadn’t gotten a phone call and I had been notified by mail. Slowly, I opened the envelope and slid the papers out with my eyes closed. Holding the paper up, I opened my eyes to see where I would be sitting. Section 133 Row 12 Seats 15-16. Ok, I have moved down 4 rows and over 2 seats. Not bad. I had hoped for over the dugout, but these were pretty good seats. I can live with these. Now, how am I going to get into Bank One Ballpark to check them out?

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