January Showers Bring February Baseball

In the seven years I have lived in Arizona, I have learned one thing about the weather in January, if you don’t like it, wait 5 seconds and it will change. Well, that has been the case today. I awoke this morning to the wind pelting my bedroom window with rain. It is really hard to get out of bed knowing you are going to have to face that kind of weather. Now before I hear from anyone in Seattle who tells me I don’t know what rain is, let me explain that rain in Arizona is unlike anywhere else. When we were deciding on whether to move here, I did some research to see what the weather was like. Everywhere I looked I was told that the Phoenix area received around 10 inches of rain a year. Well, 10 inches, that’s not to bad. I can live with that. What they don’t tell you is that 10 inches of rain occurs in a single storm. I have never seen rain fall like this in my life. Within an hour, what was once a park where children were playing soccer is transformed into a pool where children are playing water polo. I do not believe that Noah saw rain this bad in his 40 day cruise.

Of course there are positives to all of the precipitation occurring at one time. First, the streets become VERY clean VERY quickly. It also acts as an experiment in Darwin’s theory by weeding out those with less mental capacity. It never fails, there is at least one idiot who believes their car is in reality a submarine and surely that street that is underwater is not as bad as it seems. They will then attempt to drive across the river believing they have the faith to walk on water. Of course they do not and become stranded requiring helicopters, rescue workers and the six o’clock news to all show up to watch a daring rescue which I am sure will end up on the Fox network during sweeps week. But the most important result of these mega-rain storms is that we will have used up all of our storm days in January making February and March perfect weather for spring training to begin. I guess the old adage was right, January showers do indeed bring February baseball.

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