Over the Top

There are times that I am truly amazed at the things Trina does. Whether it is doing 15 loads of laundry making dinner and still having enough energy to go out to a movie or doing a service project for the community that takes countless hours of planning and execution to complete successfully Trina is truly an incredible woman. It has been said of course that there must be opposition in all things so there are times when she does some less than incredible things as well. Before I begin down that thought path, I want to make it perfectly clear I love her more than anything in the world and in no way would I belittle her or place her in a bad light. There are just times when I wonder what in the world has gotten into her. Today was a prime example. I awoke this morning to the strangest sound. I laid in bed trying to comprehend what it was. It went something like boing, boing, boing, thud. This repeated itself about three times before it stopped. I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on. So still groggy from being woke up, I stumbled down the stairs to determine where this noise was coming from. As I rounded the corner to the dining room, I saw Trina standing there with Tiffany’s Pogo Stick. She seemed surprised to see me. Of course should could not have looked nearly as surprised as I was seeing a grown woman attempting to jump on a pogo stick. “What in the world are you doing?” I asked. “I was just wondering if I could still jump on one of these things. Did I wake you?” was her response. This is the kind of moment when you have to stop and pinch yourself to make sure this is not some kind of strange dream like when a kangaroo wearing your mother’s bathroom slippers steps out of the closet and begins to recite Newton’s Third Law of Thermodynamics. Just to make sure, I opened the closet door and peered inside. “No, I usually always wake up to the sounds of a mother of 5 bouncing around the kitchen like some sort of deranged marsupial” I explained.

That experience alone was enough to cause me to wonder about my wife’s sanity. What I did not realize was that she was not finished for the day. Later in the afternoon, Whitney came in from playing. She left her scooter outside and decided it was time for a break. About that time, Trina took the rugs out to try and beat the Dog Dot Com hair out of them. I didn’t think much about it until I got up from the computer and walked by the window on my way to the kitchen for a drink. I looked out and had to stop and do a double take. There, in the middle of the street was Trina on Whitney’s scooter cruising towards the house. I stood there amazed to see my wife crouched down pushing off for a little more speed. About that time, she hit a rock and launched herself over the handlebars landing squarely on the lawn. She quickly got up and gathered her rugs and made her way to the house. When she opened the door, I was laying on the floor laughing my guts out. She stared at me as I tried to explain, “Really dear, we are laughing at you, not with you.”

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