Rednecks and Exhaust Fumes

“Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! You don’t want to miss the carnage and destruction as the Grave Digger faces off against Goldberg in the match of the century! See the beasts of the midway do battle in the Monster Truck Rally!”

Each year during the off-season, Bank One Ballpark plays host to some very different events and crowds. One of the more diverse groups to invade the BOB is the Monster Truck races. For the past couple of weeks, every local television station was playing this commercial which featured trucks with oversized wheels flying through the air while thousands of screaming fans cheered on their favorites. There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching some guy in a huge vehicle fly through the air and destroy everything in it’s path. I began to wonder what kind of people would buy tickets to an event such as this. I could only imagine, collecting all the spare change they found under the sofa cushions and deciding to postpone the trailer payment one more month, they would gather the kids and tie up the 20 dogs for a trip to town. After putting the tires back on the car and getting it off blocks in the front yard, they would all get dressed in their best Sunday T-shirt and head for Bank One Ballpark. There, they would get the best available bleacher seat to watch the trucks run all the while taking in as much exhaust fumes as they could inhale. I have seen some of these fans, usually on NASCAR night at the ballgame. There is no mistaking this clientele, they are an interesting demographic. No, I think I will stay home this time. After all, I did just have all that dental work done. I really wouldn’t fit in. Maybe, I’ll just watch television.

“So be there or be square! We’ll sell you the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge!”

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