Skin Me

The fourth week of January can mean only one thing if you live in Phoenix. It is time for the Phoenix Open golf tournament. Although I play golf, I am not a fanatic and I rarely if ever will watch a tournament on television or in person. But I have gone to the Phoenix Open several times since I have moved to the area. It is always an interesting experience. I remember the first time I went, I was actually kicked out. Never having been to see golf live before, I was unaware of the rules associated with the spectators. How was I supposed to know that you were not allowed to heckle the players? The Phoenix Open is different from many of the other golf tournaments that are played. It is probably 60 percent party and 40 percent golf tournament. The beer and cigars flow freely, especially around the sixteenth green. Going to the Open, you never quite know what you are going to see.

The tournament actually gets started on Thursday but for the two days leading up to that, there are several charity events that people can come to and watch. My favorite is always the Skins game held on Tuesday. This is where 4 local celebrities team up with 4 pros to earn some money for charity. Last year I went up to see Randy Johnson and Matt Williams from the Arizona Diamondbacks play. It was great fun even if Matt dissed me and would not remove his hat for a picture. I had planned to go up again this year since Matt and Randy would once again be participating. Unfortunately, at the last moment I was detained and could not make the tournament. This evening as I was watching the local news, there was Matt Williams talking with the news reporter and while doing so, he removed his hat and looked into the camera. I stood there with my mouth open in amazement. How could I have missed this opportunity? I may never get this opportunity again and I blew it!

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