Super Boredom Sunday

It is interesting to note the differences between baseball and football. These differences are magnified once you reach the post-season. In baseball, there are just 4 play-off positions in each league and a team must show they can maintain an advantage over an opponent in a series of 5 or 7 games. In football, it seems as if there are hundreds of teams that make the play-offs and the post-season seems to go on forever. In baseball, the culmination of the league championships is the World Series otherwise known as the fall classic. Here two teams do battle on a home and home basis so that the hometown fans can see their teams in action and celebrate their successes as they happen. In football, the end game is the Super Bowl played at a neutral location. It is very difficult for me to get enthused about a game named after something I would put cereal in each morning. Next, I have no feelings for either of these teams nor do really any of the people in the stands at Tampa Bay since neither of these teams are from this area. In fact, neither of these teams even played in Tampa Bay this season outside of this game. That coupled with the fact that neither of these teams were even in the play-offs last season make me fairly apathetic towards this game. To top it off, neither of these teams have much of an offense so I was fully expecting this game to be 2-0 in overtime with the winning team being crowned when the opposition’s punter missed the ball and it went out of the back of the end zone. About the only thing going for this game was the commercials being played during the game. Needless to say, I was not disappointed, some of those commercials were pretty funny. Oh, they football game? I slept through most of it. The best thing about it was that I was at least dreaming of baseball season.

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