What a Difference A Year Makes

It is interesting what a difference a year makes. Last year at this time I was working on the Y2K team verifying all the computer systems would continue to run after the clock turned to 2000. There was worldwide panic that computers would come crashing down when the year turned to “00”. Instead, it became one of the greatest non-events in the history of mankind. The world heralded the coming of the year 2000 as the new millennium. Of course they were wrong. This new year marked the change of the millennium since there was no year 0. I had huge plans for the ringing in of 2001 and the dawn of a new thousand years. At first I had wanted to go to Orlando to spend New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World. I soon found that all the rooms were reserved for this event. I then thought perhaps we would take a cruise but none of the family were interested in that idea. I even toyed with the idea momentarily of taking the kids to Idaho but soon decided that the last thing we needed was to ring in the new year freezing up to our knees in snow and ice. Finally, I suggested we go to the Tempe Block Party where Hootie and the Blowfish would be performing. We could watch fireworks over Tempe Town Lake and see the giant chip fall into the bowl of salsa. Again, no one was interested in my suggestions. Instead, we spent a quiet evening at home watching DVD movies. At the stroke of midnight, Trina and I kissed and she announced she was going to bed. Wow, when exactly did we get old? I seemed to miss something. So here I sit in the quiet solitude as a new year dawns wondering what the next 1,000 years will bring.

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