What’s the Cost of Living in Venezuela?

The next two weeks are the darkest of the winter for baseball fans. Most if not all of the big free agents have been signed and no one is making any deals of any magnitude. Teams and players have exchanged figures for arbitration and are in the midst of negotiations. Spring training does not begin for another four weeks so there is pretty much nothing going on with regards to baseball. Unless of course you live in Venezuela. If I were in Venezuela, I would be seeing the final weeks of their season leading up to the play-offs and the Caribbean world series. I would be basking in the sun watching baseball and eating burritos. It is times like these when I wonder whether living in the United States is all that it is cracked up to be. Curious, I decided to go out to the Internet and see what the cost of living would be if I decided to move to Venezuela. The first thing I noticed was that there are very few web sites devoted to people wanting to relocate to Venezuela from the United States. The next thing was that most of the sites I did find were in Spanish. Although I don’t speak Spanish fluently, I do know enough to get by. For example, I know enough to ask where the bathroom is located. I can ask if the house is red and most importantly, I can say “This is the story of the three bears.” What I found though was that none of these sites used any of these words. I quickly decided that if I moved to Venezuela that one of two things would happen. I would either starve to death because I would know how to communicate with the natives or I would cause some sort of international incident by saying or doing the wrong thing. I guess I will just have to search the Sporting News for winter ball scores and highlights. It would be safer for me as well as our country if I didn’t travel abroad.

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