XFL Draft Day

With the opening day of baseball still 70 days 22 hours 33 minutes and 15 seconds away, I needed something to keep myself occupied for another couple of months. So a bunch of us at work decided we would start a XFL Fantasy League. After all, this would work perfectly. The XFL season begins on February 3 and it ends on April 7. That almost exactly fills the timeframe between now and opening day. Well, it is actually a week to long since Opening Day is April 3 but I figure all the other owners in our league will understand if I just ignore the last week of the XFL season. Since I am not much of a football fan, I thought I would be at a disadvantage with the other owners in our league. I quickly determined that I was wrong since there is no information available on the XFL or their players. When I opened up my draft card, I found that all the players are listed as rookies and even worse, the athlete rankings are strictly alphabetic. If I left my draft card as it was, I would probably have the only team made up completely of people with the last name that started with an “A”. But then again, from looking at the names before me, I couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a bad. Obviously, I could not just leave the draft order at it’s default settings so I went through the list and I ranked the players whose names I knew. When I finished, I found that they were still in alphabetical order. Finally, I came up with the ultimate draft order and set my line-up accordingly. I am now going to draft only players whose names sound like cartoon characters. I can see now, I am going to clean up in this league!

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