And the Countdown Begins…

Finally, the longest month of the year is over. As I have said before, I am not much of a January fan. Oh sure, it starts out well enough. You can’t complain when you get the first day of the month off as a holiday but the rest of the month just seems to drag on as we have to wade through one boring winter day after another. Sure, it is broken up by the announcement of the Hall of Fame inductees but even that excitement cannot be expected to last more than a few days. But now, that long dreary month is finally over and the official countdown to the 2001 baseball season can finally begin. I think it is only appropriate this year that pitchers and catchers report the day after Valentines day. What better way to continue the feelings of joy and love than to see the players report to camp and the sound of balls hitting gloves are once again heard from the practice fields. I can almost feel the love of the game. I am sure that these first two weeks of February will be hard to take but I at least have the thoughts of the Caribbean World Series to keep me going through the first week. So as the new month dawns, I got out my trusty countdown supplies and went to work. First I tore off the month of January from the calendar, I won’t be needing that any more. Next, I pulled out my red magic marker and circled February 15 just so I don’t lose sight of the goal. I then glued on four gold stars on the date to remind me that this will be the fourth spring training for the Diamondbacks. Finally, I took out my black magic marker and placed a big “X” on February 1 to denote that this day is over. Finally, on the refrigerator I placed a big “14” to denote the number of days remaining until pitchers and catchers arrive in Tucson. Now all I have to do is wait. And look at my watch. And wait. And look at my watch. Jeez, how much longer is this going to take?

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