Who’s In the Dog House

It is funny how a song will strike a nerve in society and suddenly become almost a national anthem. Each year, literally thousands of new songs are introduced to the general public but only a few ever make it to the charts and even fewer of them become number one hits. But it is an even rarer phenomenon is when a song crosses over the boundaries from music to sports. For example, when Queen brought out We Will Rock You, no one could have predicted that this would become a sports anthem. Nor could they have predicted that they would follow this up with the smash stadium hit, We Are The Champions. I think it would be safe to say that Queen is the reigning king (queen?) of sports anthems but may soon see their dominance usurped by the Baha Men. After their monster hit last summer of Who Let the Dogs Out, stadiums around the country began using this song. First it was just when the home team won a game, then it branched out to when a major play occurred soon, the song was being played at what seemed to be every time-out. By the season’s end, I was beginning to wonder myself who had let these dogs out? Rather than being excited about this though, I was looking for the idiot who released the hounds and required us to listen to this song endlessly. It has become obvious that we need to begin enforcing a leash law and try to corral these pups and keep them under lock and key. I have not been this annoyed at a song since they began to play the Macarana. There are nights that I still wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming of myself standing on top of a dugout somewhere doing that infernal dance. I shudder just thinking about it. Getting back to this dog song though, it has reached an all-time low in our household. Dakota has decided this is his new favorite song and he goes around the house singing it constantly. Not only that, but he now has Dog Dot Com singing a duet. Whenever he yells, “Who let the dogs out!”, Dottie begins to bark. It is enough to drive a man to drink. My only hope is that we find a new song before opening day. I have about had enough of these wild dogs roaming the streets.

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