Leading up to game 1 of the World Series, I listened to the radio, television, and print as Sportswriters and broadcasters touted their baseball knowledge of what to expect from the series opener.

“A classic pitching duel”

“An even match-up that would go extra innings to be decided”

“The Yankees will prove why they are the World Champions”

So with all of the hype being mounted upon this series and this game, it was time for all of the talk to cease and baseball to begin. Being a National League fan and specifically a Diamondbacks fan, I was not quite sure what to think. Everyone talked about the Yankees in hushed respectful tones. I had to keep reminding myself that they were discussing a baseball team and not some type religious figure. The way in which they spoke of this team almost had me buying into the fact that they Yankees were destined to be in this place and to repeat as champions. How else could you describe the fact that two much more talented opponents in the Oakland A’s and the Seattle Mariners were able to lose against them?

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