An Historic Night

With the Diamondbacks now playing the final three games of the regular season in Milwaukee rather than Bank One Ballpark, I find myself restless not having a game to attend. This is the first season in the Diamondbacks existence that they have not ended the season at home. I am not quite sure what to do with myself although Trina doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding things for me to do. Even though the Diamondbacks magic number was 2 with 3 games remaining, she insisted that instead of watching a silly baseball game we go shopping.

Go shopping? Is she insane? How could she even think about going shopping when we might clinch a play-off berth or heaven forbid, the Diamondbacks lose and Giants win on a Barry Bonds home run thereby cutting our lead to one game and having Barry break Mark McGwire’s record. Well, I quickly lost that battle and was dragged like a prisoner to the electric chair to a fabric store to look for thread. Oh, the humanity of it all. Would it never end? After only a few moments of torture as I had to held decide what color of fleece would look best against our children’s bedspread, I knew I had to get out. I made some excuse about looking at zippers and rushed outside to see what the score was and how things were progressing. The Diamondbacks were winning and the Giants were losing. Now I had to sneak back into the store without getting caught. “Why yes, that is the perfect shade of thread to go with that fabric. Perhaps I should go and look at pillow forms.” Soon I was again back out to the car listening to the game. Diamondbacks still ahead and Bonds hits his 71st home run. No time to waste, I had to get back into the store. Again I feigned interest in this pattern or that before excusing myself one more time to rush back to the car. There, the Diamondbacks finished their game beating Milwaukee 5-0 making their magic number 1. In the mean time, the Giants lose their game to the Dodgers even though Barry Bonds now has 72 home runs. The Diamondbacks are in the play-offs! With that news, I began hooting and hollering and honking the horn. Before I know it, Trina is standing outside the window to the car. Slowly, I rolled down the window and in my humblest voice I say, “Is there a problem officer?”

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