I Gotta Get One of Those

With the Arizona Diamondbacks now confirmed as the National League Western Division champion, there was only one thing left to do, go shopping. After all, what diehard fan would dare be caught without their official Division Championship T-Shirt? Grabbing my wallet, my keys and my Diamondbacks hat I kissed my wife good-bye and ran out the door before she had a chance to question where I was going. After all, there is nothing worse than trying to explain why you just have to have one more piece of clothing with the Arizona Diamondbacks logo on it.

I am still trying to recover from the last argument when she stated that her entire closet consisted of shirts that were either white, black, or had a Diamondbacks logo. How was I supposed to know that the incorrect thing to say was, “well we really need to get you some purple shirts since white and black really aren’t the team colors”? And to think I was excited that she wanted more clothes with the team logo. What better surprise could I give her than a new shirt for the play-offs? As I got to the team shop, I was met by many other caring husbands that had to be doing the same thing as none of them had wives with them either. Oddly enough, I do not remember that many women at the ballpark that required XXL shirts. It didn’t take long to find a shirt that would fit Trina and since I was already there, I am sure she wanted to get me one too. I may as well save her the trip. Just so everyone doesn’t think I am a complete jerk, I did ask the salesperson if these were indeed women’s shirts. After all, I would hate to buy her a man’s article of clothing. I was assured that these were not gender specific so I figured I was safe. With my purchases under my arm, I headed to the Hallmark store to buy a gift bag before going home. I have to tell you, Trina was very surprised. It must have really touched her. As soon as she saw the shirt with the Diamondbacks logo emblazoned on it she immediately burst into tears and ran to our bedroom. It felt good to make her so happy.

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