Oh Great, the Yankees

Now that the Arizona Diamondbacks are in the World Series, it is time to find them an appropriate opponent. I found that I had renewed interest in the American League Championship Series now that the Diamondbacks have clinched the National League pennant. I am really torn on who I would like to see the Diamondbacks face in the World Series.

On the one hand, the Seattle Mariners would be great. There are all kinds of story lines that would be brought up during that series. Randy Johnson facing his former ball club and all the emotion that would go along with the Big Unit going back to Seattle for game 3 of the series. Then there is the subplot of the Mariners trying to complete their storybook season after tying the record for the best record in Major League Baseball. Of course there would be the talk of how Seattle had rid themselves of all their superstars and then posted their best results ever. Topping off this match-up would be Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling against Ichiro. This would make a great series because baseball would see a new World Champion crowned regardless of the outcome.

On the other hand, the New York Yankees would be an interesting match-up as well. There would be discussion of the storied past of the Bronx Bombers versus the newest National League powerhouse of Desert Storm. There would be talk about the Yankees dynasty and how they would be on their way to being crowned one of the greatest teams ever. There would also be talk of how great pitching and solid defense could neutralize hitting. This series would come down to who makes the fewest mistakes and which team could handle the pressures of World Series competition better.

Either of these games holds great promise of a classic series. So with eager anticipation, I tuned in hoping to see an epic battle between Seattle and New York. Instead, what I saw was the Yankees dismantling the Mariners in a laugher as they scored run after run against Aaron Sele and the other Seattle pitchers. It was clear that New York executed better during this series and deserved to be the American League champions. Now the match-up is set with the New York Yankees scheduled to arrive in Phoenix to play the Arizona Diamondbacks in game 1 of the World Series on Saturday. It is going to be a really long week waiting for this one to arrive.

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