There Are No Off Days

Ah, autumn is definitely in the air. This has a whole different meaning in Arizona than in other parts of the country. To us, it means that eggs will no longer fry on the pavement. Now our cooking must all be done on top of an engine block rather than the driveway. October means more though than just a difference in culinary tools. It means that the baseball play-offs are here. Well, it usually means that but because of the tragedy of September 11, 2001, we still have one more week of the regular season and the Diamondbacks have still not clinched a play-off spot. They open a crucial home stand tomorrow against the Colorado Rockies that will go along way towards determining whether they continue playing in the post season. In the mean time, I have plenty of work to do around the house. The Diamondbacks flag out front has become tangled and I need to straighten it. My scorebook is full and I need to break out a new one. The seat cushions need to be cleaned out since the last game I found ticket stubs from a Spring Training game. And most importantly, I need to work on my new Diamondbacks hat with the embroidered flag on the side. I had bought it during the last home stand and now the brim needs to be worked so that it doesn’t have that “Beat me up and take my lunch money” look to it. Yes, I have a full day of work ahead of me if I am going to be ready for tomorrow night’s game.

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