World Series Eve

With game one of the World Series only a day away, I find myself pacing back and forth like a caged animal. I have no idea why. It is not like it is me that is facing Mike Mussina or chasing down a Bernie Williams fly ball in the outfield. Regardless, I am on edge.

So I decided that I needed to relax and try to take my mind off of the upcoming game. Maybe I would watch television, which is a good way to unwind and put my brain on hold. Each local station that I tuned into had a story on the Diamondbacks and their preparation for tomorrow’s game. Great, all that did was make me more anxious. I even tried tuning into WTBS in Atlanta. I figured it was about time for the weekly airing of Smoky and the Bandit and that was about as far away from baseball as you could get. Before long though, I was bored and again thinking of the World Series.

Perhaps a walk would help. After all, some fresh air and exercise would do me good anyway. Grabbing my Nikes, I headed out the door for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it seemed like I would walk no more than 10 yards before a neighbor would grab me and begin asking me about the Diamondbacks and if I had tickets. And if I did have tickets, was I looking for anyone to go to the game with me? I found that I was talking more baseball than I was exercising. With that in mind, I headed back to the house where my flag waved proudly in the setting sun. I made a note that the purple was fading slightly on the flag and a new Diamondbacks flag would definitely be in order once the season had ended.

Back in the house I stopped by the computer to check my e-mail. Of course I had a handful of messages waiting for me either wishing the Diamondbacks good luck or from psycho Yankee fans that needed to remind me how badly New York was going to be Arizona. After responding to all my e-mail, I was ready for the game to begin immediately if not sooner. This was doing very little to help me relax.

Finally, I decided that I would pop some popcorn and watch a DVD. A couple of my kids decided to join me and I even let my son Dakota select the movie we would watch. As the credits began to roll, I was shocked to see that he had selected *61 about Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record. It would appear I am just not going to get away from baseball tonight.

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