Da Plane! Da Plane!

It is hard to believe how quickly time goes by. I really need to check my watch. I am not positive but I think that as I get older, my watch runs faster. That is the only explanation I have for why time goes so quickly. But I have also noticed that my watch is subjective about when time goes faster and when it should slow down. For example, ever since November 4th at 9:05 PM, time has pretty much stood still. At that moment, the last out was recorded and the baseball off-season officially began. I feel as though I have been in hibernation ever since that moment. That is until December 20th. On that day, my daughter Ashley returned home from school. She has had me constantly running from the moment she got off the plane. Whether it was doing last minute Christmas shopping, after Christmas shopping, pre-New Years shopping or post-New Years shopping I feel like I have lived in the car or at the mall. I keep having to check my credit card to see if the magnetic strip has melted on the back or not. Now though, it is time once again for her to pack up her things and leave. The other children are fairly depressed thinking that they will not be seeing Ashley again for another four months. I am in a little better spirits since I will see her next month when I arrive for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

She spent the morning packing up all of her things and when she was finally finished, she asked if I would please take her suitcases to the car. That should have been my first clue. When she arrived home for Christmas, she had one bag. Now going back, she had three. The first two bags were not to bad. Although she had a few books and pictures she was taking back, it was still manageable. The third bag though was a whole different story. I reached down to pick it up and as I tried to lift it, I swear the bag was bolted to the ground. It was so heavy that it flipped me over the bag onto the floor when I tried to do a clean and jerk to lift it. After struggling for several minutes, I finally dragged the bag out to the car. I then fashioned a ramp to drag it into the back of the car. Ashley was nervous wondering how I was going to manage getting the bag out at the airport. This though was not a problem. As we approached the curb, I drove past where she should be dropped off. I then put the car in reverse and hit the gas. Tires squealed and then when I got to the curb I hit the breaks. The weight of the bag flew backwards causing it to fly out of the back of the open tailgate and onto the ground right at the feet of a frightened Sky Cap. I gave the guy 5 bucks and verifed that he had medical insurance. As Ashley boarded the plane, we watched as it took off to verify that with that amount of weight it would be able to leave the ground. Now we are one child and one ton lighter than we were this morning. That weight loss was faster than Weight Watchers.

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