One of the worst parts of the holiday season is when it is all over and you have to take all of the decorations down. For weeks Trina drug me around the house arranging each decoration to put our house in the appropriate festive mood. I had to endure her wrath when she returned home and found I had topped our Christmas tree with an Arizona Diamondbacks hat. I am still confused as to why this bothered her so much. After all, it was a World Series hat for crying out loud. But I have to admit, that was pretty mild compared to when she discovered that I had replaced the wise men in her nativity scene with Arizona Diamondbacks bobblehead dolls. Now I personally thought she was a little out of line on this one. After all, she was clearly getting the better deal. I should be a general manager for pulling off a deal where we trade four members of the World Champion Arizona Diamondbacks for three wise men and a camel to be named later. Granted, I could have understood her reaction if I had put a Diamondbacks hat on the baby Jesus but since I could not find one that would fit, I did the next best thing. I even tried putting robes on the Diamondbacks but that still didn’t make her any happier.

So given the amount of trouble I got into just decorating the house, I cannot imagine what she was thinking when she suggested I take down the Christmas decorations and replace them with something more suitable for the remainder of the year. Of course she trusts my judgment. I mean how unhappy could she be if I replaced the pictures of the kids with autographed photos of Diamondbacks players? They are kind of like family aren’t they? And nothing says “I’m home” quite like a set of autographed bats neatly lined up along the wall in the living room. The color of the pine tar nearly matches the curtains if the light shines just right. Now if I could just get six or seven more Bank One Ballpark seats bolted in a row, I could replace that tattered couch that currently sits in that room. Yeah, this is going to be awesome!

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