Feels Like Spring

In many parts of the country, people are surrounded by snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. For many years, I was one of those people. I would get up every morning, dress in every piece of clothing I owned, and trudge out into the darkness with my snow shovel in hand trying to stay warm while flinging snow from my driveway across the lawn. Cars would have to be plugged in to warm the engine block during the night or else the car would not start the next morning. This was all done in hopes that some three months from now the snow would melt and the grass would once again come out of hibernation so that we could again play baseball.

All of this changed when I moved to Arizona eight years ago. Although Trina for whatever reason packed my snow shovel, it has sat collecting dust since my arrival to the Valley of the Sun. I traded in shoveling snow and now find that I shovel sunshine. Not only is the work lighter, it is also easier to stay warm. Don’t get me wrong, it does get cold in Arizona. Why just a couple of weeks ago the high temperature barely cracked 53 degrees. I was scrambling around trying to find a coat that day I can tell you. But the temperatures have warmed up significantly. Today the high was 81 degrees and it no longer felt like winter. I could almost feel Spring Training arrive. As I drove home with the top down on my Camaro, I could have sworn that I smelled hot dogs and peanuts. Only 26 days remain before pitchers and catchers report to Tucson and I am ready to go. I wonder if the Diamondbacks could use a snow plow operator?

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