Gotta Love a Short Week

It is interesting to see how a holiday adjusts a guy’s outlook. Take this week for example. It started off with New Year’s Eve on Monday. Everyone was busy getting ready for their parties to give a big farewell to the year 2001. The majority of people spent the evening into the early morning of the next day celebrating the turning of another calendar page.

Tuesday of course was New Years Day which meant tons of college football and probably quite a lot of aspirin to help calm the throbbing heads of those who had partied just a little to lively the night before. After all of that, it was back to work for many people (including myself) on Wednesday. After as many years working as I have done, my body knows that when you start a work week, it must be Monday. So when I awoke this morning and drug myself to work, my body knew full well that today was Wednesday. But that is the beauty of this whole thing, it was Friday. When I got off work, I was in shock to realize that I had a whole weekend after working only three days. A guy could seriously get used to a situation like this. So here I sit, watching the World Series DVD for the tenth time, relaxed in the knowledge that I could stay up all night watching this thing because I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. About the only thing better than this would be if there was a baseball double header on. That would be like chocolate syrup on top of a chocolate cake. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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