Have Schedule Will Travel

Having been preoccupied over the last several days, I had not gotten a chance to look around on-line or in the newspaper to see what had been going on. By “what has been going on”, I was of course referring to the Arizona Diamondbacks. As far as I know, the newspaper has only one section (sports) and the Internet is made up completely of baseball related web sites. Well, today I decided that I really needed to check things out a little better so I sat down at the computer and began to check the web for Diamondbacks news. The first thing I came across made me very excited.

The Diamondbacks had released their full 2002 regular season schedule! This was awesome! Now I could sit down and plan out my whole year (well at least I could plan out from April to October which to me IS the whole year). The first thing you have to check is if the Diamondbacks will start the season at home and then you check to see if they will end the season at home. Next, you check everyone’s birthday to see if the Diamondbacks will be at home or on the road. Looking at the schedule, there will be no game at the BOB for Dakota for his birthday. Seems Ashley is out of luck for her nineteenth birthday as well. Oh excellent, Mallorie will be able to spend her sixteenth birthday at the ballpark. She is going to love that! Bummer, the Diamondbacks leave town the day before Tiffany’s birthday. So only one child will get to go to a game for their birthday, that’s a bummer. Next thing I had to check was our anniversary. Yes! Looks like Trina is going to get a great dinner and entertainment that evening. Who knows, maybe I will surprise her and give her a gift certificate at the team shop to buy whatever she wants. I am pretty sure she is going to think this was the best anniversary ever. Well after those events, the next thing I checked was whether I would be able to pick Ashley up from school or if she would have to wait for a road trip before coming home from college. Looks like picking her up this spring will be ok but as for next fall, she is going to have to wait until the Diamondbacks visit the Cubs before she goes to school. Beyond my review, I printed out the schedule and gave to Trina and the kids with the instruction that the summer family vacation can occur on any week where the dates are highlighted in green. Anything in purple means we will be at home (me and the Diamondbacks). You just gotta love this time of year.

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