New Year, New Season

The dawning of a new year. There is something magical about that. For some odd reason, we as a human species feel it is important to stay up past midnight on one night per year and lay a big old kiss on a complete stranger. This is followed by a ritual where we list things in our life that needs changing. This list is posted for us to see and we review it on a daily basis for the first ten days of the year after which we put it in a drawer never to be seen again until late next December when we find it. It is usually stuck to the bottom of a coupon for Hi-C juice boxes or something and as we review the list we realize that our lives are in the same place that they were a year before but now we are a year older and a year wiser so the next year we have the will power to overcome our frailties.

Not to be one to buck the trends of society, I decided that I needed a few resolutions of my own. So without further ado, I give you my list for 2002:

1. I will attempt to attend at least one Spring Training game at each Cactus League field during 2002.

2. I will try to limit the number of Diamondbacks jerseys that I buy to one per style.

3. I will refrain from calling Bud Selig a “big fat idiot”. (He is not really that fat)

4. I will resolve to tolerate the Designated Hitter.

5. I will make an effort to consolidate all of my Diamondbacks memorabilia into one room so that Trina will quit complaining that she is living in an annex of the Hall of Fame.

6. I will quit trying to make travel arrangements to Central American countries during the winter just so I can see Winter League baseball games.

7. I will not consciously make family vacation plans which coincide with Diamondbacks road trips.

8. I will stop attempting to include the Diamondbacks Bobblehead dolls in all holiday decorations.

Although I cannot guarantee I will adhere to these resolutions, I do feel I will be a better person for at least trying.

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