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Trade Deadline Blues

July 31 is always a day circled on the calendar of every baseball fan. This is the so-called trade deadline when a player can be traded from one team to another without the complexity of the waiver wire. Trying to explain the intricacies of the trade deadline rakes closely with trying to explain the infield fly rule. You know why it is there you are just not sure how they ever came up with such a complex rule. Beginning a couple of weeks before...

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Rocket’s Red Glare

This entry is dedicated to my friend Andrzej Niemyjski. Andrzej and I met four years ago and we quickly found a common interest, our love of baseball. We’ve spent countless hours talking trades, teams, and the future of baseball. It is awesome when you find someone who shares a passion for the game. I can rant and get tipped over when the Diamondbacks are not playing well or I can completely lose it when Bud Selig refuses to invoke the...

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Carlos the Jackal

I went into spring training this year with very mixed emotions. On the one hand I was excited to see how well the new team would play together and how much better the Diamondbacks might be than they were a year ago. On the other hand, the Diamondbacks were so loaded in the minor leagues that you could not help but think ahead to what the team would be like in years to come. In these days of spiraling salary costs and constant player movement it...

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Closer and Closer to Disaster

In 1998, the Arizona Diamondbacks began their inaugural season with Felix Rodriguez as their closer. It was probably not what Buck Showalter and the front office had planned but their only other choice was Hector Carrasco and he didn’t work out. So they began their first year with Rodriguez who had a one pitch arsenal, he threw heat. His pitches were consistently clocked in the high nineties. The problem was that he was a little erratic...

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My Bad

I take complete responsibility for the way this Diamondbacks road trip is going. I am not taking credit for the win on Monday night. All that credit goes to Connor Jackson. I am taking ownership for the near loss on Monday as well as the loss on Tuesday and the struggle that the team is experiencing in today’s game. As I wrote on July 23, I had decided not to shave as long as the Diamondbacks continued to play well just so that I did not...

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A Dark Day for the Diamondbacks?

July 25 may go down as a very dark day in Arizona Diamondbacks history. It will have nothing to do with the debacle of the game in Philadelphia where it seemed neither team wanted to win. It will not be the day we look back at pitcher Miguel Batista padding his league leading wild pitches. While neither of these events will stand out much past the end of the week, there was news that could have major implications to the long-term fortunes of...

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You Have to Wonder

The Arizona Diamondbacks begin a ten game road trip today visiting the Philadelphia Phillies. After a great home stand that saw them win seven out of ten and climb to within a game of first place, there are a lot of expectations for this team. They appear to be at a crossroads of trying to decide if they are buyers or sellers at next Monday’s trade deadline. If the team continues to win games and remain this close to first place, the...

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You Owe Me!

Before each Diamondbacks home game, they announce that there are several promotions going on during the season. Whenever an Arizona Diamondback player hits a grand slam during a game, everyone in attendance receives a coupon for a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s. If the Arizona Diamondbacks pitching staff records ten or more strikeouts during the game everyone in attendance will receive a coupon for a free Thirst Buster 44 ounce drink...

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Shave and a Hair Cut, No Way

Week-ends used to be about sleeping in and taking life easy but as I’ve gotten older it seems like I get up earlier and earlier. So while most people were probably resting comfortably and dreaming of a peaceful existence where the Designated Hitter had been abolished and all stadiums had natural grass, retractable roofs, and a comfortable temperature of 72 degrees; I was up and getting ready for church. I figured with the Diamondbacks...

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